How to install Kali Linux

Kali Linux is the successor to the most popular security distribution till date, Backtrack. Use of such security destro can be for a variety of purposes, but the best use for Kali Linux is training of pers on aspects of security.

How to download Kali Linux

The homepage of Kali Linux distribution is at the following URL

The distribution can be downloaded from the following URL

Use of torrent downloading is highly recommended. It is efficient and does not put a burden on the server. One need not worry about the number of seeders available as this distro is widely downloaded and used and hence will have enough seeds and peers.

All downloads are available in ISO format which may be burned on a DVD and will give you a bootable version of Kali Linux.

Remember when using the DVD burning software, use the option of burn as an image.

Installing Kali Linux

Once you boot from the DVD you will get the following screen

boot options for kali linux

Boot options are basically divided between installation or booting as a live DVD. Kali Linux has plenty of tools to solve problems on an installed OS. Booting as a live DVD will help solve those problems. Other option is install on a bare bones PC or server. We choose graphical install option.

First option to choose is which language you want to install.

language option for kali linux

Next is the location settings.

location settings

Next option is selection of keyboard.

selection of keyboard layout for kali linux

At this point, the installation loads some files for further steps.

loading additional files

Network configuration during installation

Kali Linux installation by default looks for a DHCP server. If not available, it then asks for a manual configuration of the network.

no DHCP option

Manual configuration of network.

manual IP address

Insert IP address in the next screen

IP address

In our case we shall use as a static IP address for Kali Linux server.

After that the next screens ask for

  • Subnet Mask
  • Gateway Server IP
  • DNS Server IP

For the purpose of this installation we have used the standard values, but in case you need access to Internet the Gateway and DNS server IP has to be as per your network.

Next option is to insert the hostname which is the name of the server followed by the domain name.

host name for server

Next is the option for root password.

insert root password for kali linux installation

Partition manager is configured to use the entire hard disk.

partition option

The final two prompts before changes are written to the disk.

Installation in progress

installation in progress

Option of a network mirror is presented post installation.

option for network mirror

Installation of GRUB bootloader comes next.

Installation of GRUB bootloader

Location for installation of boot loader has to be specified.

Once installation is complete, the installation media can be removed and server rebooted to boot from the disk.

installation complete of kali linux

Post installation

Booting for the first time, presents the login window.

login screen for kali linux

After login, you get the main interface from where the use of Kali Linux can proceed.

main interface for kali linux


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